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this hair color is like a perfect match for her skin tone ive never seen such a perfect combination whoever did it deserves an award

No but seriously her face & skin is clear testament that God is real & He loves us.

Fuck you, you dumb ass feminist dike.




Sure, not all men, but consider this: what have men brought to this world with the exception of death and horror and pain?


Use of electricity to heat your homes, cook your food, light your way and power the machines that produce life saving…

You’re right. Men of color have done so much to help us! Bicycle, ac, potato chips, peanut butter, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for men of color, they’ve contributed fantastic things.
White men however, have only brought pain. It’s the WHITE men who are the problem. Thank you so much for pointing this out to me!

Seriously you mangled faced, flat butted, bastard, don’t you EVER tell me to be grateful to men. I will come at your life. I will come at your spirit and your sense of self. I have had many of your copy disrespect me before and I swear to you, no one has EVER done it twice.

"I might flinch the first time you try to touch me-
this doesn’t mean I don’t like you
all it means is that there was one before you who
was not nearly as gentle as you are
and so we must take our time now
we must take our time"
Fortesa Latifi - To Whoever Is Next (via madgirlf)

Master Post on Why John Lennon is Shit


So here’s a master post of John Lennon’s shittiness. I added much more info about cultural appropriation in his music. I also submitted this to Your Fave is Problematic. :3


One if the worst parts about rape is that no one is there for you. If they are, it’s to support, never to protect. You are so alone in this. You go to school or work or wherever knowing that you will see him and he can just do it again if he so chooses. No one is going to stop him. The truth that you learn more than anything else is that no one, especially not a man, will ever protect you.

I will die to protect other survivors. Cause I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to be so certain that you wonder if you should off yourself, just so you can die on your terms and not his.

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